The Food4Health Alliance Report:

Limitations of the Evidence on Race, Ethnicity, and Socio-economic Status in the Report by the 2020 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee

60 percent of Americans live with one or more chronic disease.

Yet, the Dietary Guidelines for Americans focus almost exclusively on ‘healthy’ people – now a minority of the population…

And some of the Guidelines’ recommendations are based on less than “strong” science.

In fact, a review of the 2015 Dietary Guidelines found that just 20% of the recommendations met this standard.

The Food4Health Alliance is working toward diverse and evidence-based dietary guidelines for Americans.

We are devoted to ensuring the reliability, inclusivity, and scientific integrity of the U.S. Dietary Guidelines.

See how Food4Health is working in Washington DC to ensure that the next set of guidelines works for all Americans.

Join the fight! Email us and a staff member will be in touch about how you can help.

Learn more about the scope and impact of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, rates of chronic disease in this country and why it is so important to make sure this federally mandated guidance is right.

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